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Welcome to Business directory and links

Business people can search our database of businesses by brand, service, product and  strengths to find the perfect match for them. If the industry they are in is not currently listed then they can recommend it for addition and, in the mean time, contact a general administrator who is willing and able to look over any form of company and provide an extra link on the menu.

The site is a non-profit organisation, and our services are free of charge. If you use and appreciate our business directory please recommend us to your friends and review your beta.

If you are looking for a particular location, please search throughout our website. We used to only have listings for London and the Home Counties but now we have spread out much further afield. We have listings for companies down in Cornwall and all the way up to Northumberland. We work across many industries – finance, journalism, publishing, healthcare, food, drink, entertainment, SEO and plenty more.

We believe in helping businesses get in touch with one another. It’s a really effective way for people to get advice on how better and more efficiently to run their companies, whether it’s dealing with employees, customers, sales, marketing, online aspects and plenty more.

If you have any queries please do get in touch as we’re always happy to hear.

Our directory compiles loads of small businesses all across the UK so that companies can get in touch with each other. While there is always inevitable competition across businesses we believe businesses can also learn lots from each other.

Small businesses

If you're a small business manager, you're probably attempting to juggle many different balls at the same time. The internet is probably one of them - and unless you're a technology company, it probably isn't the most key one. What you're seeking is reliable, straight-talking consultation on what hardware and software nowadays can actually do for you, across your company.

You don't begin a small business because you wish to handle tonnes of paperwork and admin. You do it because you're keen on what you do. You want to maintain everything else to a minimum.

Build business links through social media

Staying updated with your resume is important, as key as making sure your social media properties – be it Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram – precisely mirror your current situation.  They reveal your attention to detail.  They are a help if anyone asks about the skills you have, and the experience you have accrued. Let’s face it – it’s much more simple to stay in the loop when you regularly review!